Little Lit Author: David Seow [Part 2]

This is part of the “Little Lit Author’s First…” series. Today we are continuing with Part 2 of  the interview with one of  Singapore’s first authors of children’s literature – David Seow. 



Linn Shekinah:  What are some of the greatest highlights or memorable moments in your writing career?

David Seow: The highlights would include:

  1. There's Soup On My Fly by David SeowMy book  “There’s Soup on My Fly” being shortlisted for the Hedwig Anuar Children’s Book Award and then having it dramatized at the Literature Lecture at the Asian Festival of Children’s Content. It was also adapted for the stage [watch trailer] by  the Learning Connections last year.
  2. Seaking on panels with Shamini Flint, Emily Lim, David Almond and John Dougherty.
  3. Being represented by the lovely agents of Jacaranda Literary
David Almond, Emily Lim John Dougherty and David Seow

David Almond, Emily Lim John Dougherty and David Seow @ Singapore Writers Festival

Linn Shekinah:  How has the Singapore children’s publishing and writing scene evolved since you started? Do you think today’s children’s writers have it easier since there are so many intervention measures [grant schemes, awards, workshops, festivals etc] available?  

David Seow: Yes. writers today have it much easier. There was practically no support system in place when I started. Things first started changing with the MDA’s First Time Writers and Illustrators Initiative, which saw a slew of first time writers being published. Now you have the amazing Asian Festival of Children’s Content and the All in Young Writers Festival, which provide aspiring authors and illustrators the opportunity to meet and pitch their story ideas to agents and publishers.

I think the Book Council has played a huge part in changing the landscape of children’s literature in Singapore in recent years. When I started writing, the children’s book scene here was still in its infancy. But thanks to The Director and Deputy Director of the Book Council, Mr Ramachandran and Kenneth Quek, it’s moving on into young adulthood.

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