Little Lit Author: Adrian Pang [Part 2]

This is part of my “Little Lit Author’s First…” series. We continue with Part 2 of Adrian Pang’s interview. He shares about his first children’s picture book, Hansel and Girl Girl, his writing process and his next writing project.  



Adrian - Hansel and Girl GirlIn Hansel and Girl Girl, a brother and sister live in an Ang Mo Kio HDB flat with their stepmother who thinks them a nuisance. She keeps sending them out on errands, hoping they would get lost and never return. And one day, they really do not come home!

Adrian Pang has teamed up with world-renowned Singaporean artist and Cultural Medallion winner, Milenko Prvacki, to create a surprisingly heartwarming Singapore fairy tale. Hansel and Girl Girl is Adrian’s first children’s picture book.

Hansel and Girl Girl costs $16.9. You can purchase it online or at major bookshops.


Linn Shekinah: How involved were you in the illustration process? What was your reaction when you first saw Milenko Prvacki’s art for your book? 

Adrian Pang:  I was not involved in the illustration process at all. But his work is beautiful. I am not worthy.


Linn Shekinah: What advice would you give to someone who is an aspiring or emerging children’s author?

Adrian Pang: You must really LOVE writing for children. And it helps to understand that children’s tastes are evolving as we forge into this century.


Linn Shekinah: What is your next writing project?

Adrian Pang: Part of my job as co-Artistic Director of Pangdemonium, I am in charge of content for all our collaterals, and I’m currently working on our programme for our upcoming production FROZEN – not the children’s Disney one, our production is a drama about a serial killer. Which I play. Told you I have a dark side.



Linn Shekinah: You are a versatile actor and an engaging host, what steps did you take to ensure your story will keep children engaged?

Adrian Pang: Always move the story forward, keep the characters interesting, and have they speak good dialogue. I can’t promise that the finished product adheres to that.


Linn Shekinah: Among all the different art forms you are familiar with, which art form brings out the best and the worst of you as an artist? Why?

Adrian Pang: I absolutely love being an actor because I get to vicariously live other lives. Especially as a theatre actor, there no more liberating feeling of being on stage in front of an audience, hoping they don’t throw something at you.


Linn Shekinah: Do you have any plans to write, act and direct your own play, especially a children’s play? 

Adrian Pang: Nope, I leave that to the experts.

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